Wellspring Wednesdays|Week 26: Zeal & Zest

3 min readJun 29, 2022

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Today is our last Wellspring Wednesday for Season One. While it has been an honor for the last six months to share internal resources, self-care advice, and education about your trauma care — this week, I had the idea to share one of my own internal strengths. Zest and Zeal. What do I mean by that?

What I mean is walking my own tumultuous trauma recovery road (and still journeying), I have found my passion in advocating for others through this podcast, coaching, and being a light for trauma survivors around the globe. Having come to a place in my own recovery where I have done the work and will not stop doing the work, I found my home as a trauma recovery coach. This summer, I’ll complete my Advanced certification with the IAOTRC. By September, I’ll have completed the IFS Institutes’ Online Training Circle when I’ll be able to officially call myself an “IFS-Informed, Trauma-Trained, Advanced Recovery Coach”. I literally couldn’t be more thrilled to have found this zeal of working with other trauma survivors in their healing. I love that I am able to talk to strangers that I meet daily via work and travel about their traumas and wounds and that I can support them in finding a good regimen of care for themselves. Gaining more knowledge as I continue self-study, I am working on developing a program for “trauma prevention” by educating people on fetal stress, infant attachment, and how important a healthy foundation of life is for raising healthy humans in later years. I’m also currently obsessed with Epigenetics and Fetal/Maternal Microchimerism. More on that topic to come soon enough!

My current work receiving IFS coaching and becoming an IFS informed Coach is at the heart of everything I do and love. Inner Child Healing is SO possible, and I have fallen in love with IFS with a special sort of zest. I’ve had been years of reading and studying IFS, but now experiencing healing myself and helping guide others in their inner realm is magical. Doing IFS sessions with my clients literally feeds my soul!

I don’t say all this to be boastful, but to help others in finding their zest for life and what they can be truly zealous about. For a couple decades, I had heard so many times, “Sara, you should become a life coach.” Something about it never stuck even though it seemed really cool and a pretty good fit for my personality. The day I heard the term “Trauma Recovery Coach” that fateful day on Guy MacPherson’s podcast, my heart exploded, and I knew I had to chase it. Sitting in the right place at the right time is really possible. Chasing your dreams, finding your zeal, and moving toward your best reality is all possible. True, deep, long lasting trauma recovery (while it’s an ongoing process) is truly possible. There is nothing else I could be more zestful for — to help others hear that, believe it, and actualize it for themselves.

If you are ready to add some support to your journey, reach out. Let’s see what resources I can connect you with or find out if coaching is a next great step in your healing journey. I am here ready, working on myself, and waiting for whoever wants to cross my path next. Until next season’s Wellspring Wednesdays return — stay healthy, dig into your own Wellspring, and have a ton of great moments!

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An IFS-informed advanced certified trauma recovery coach at Full Circle Wellspring LLC and an overall trauma survivor advocate.