Mindful Mondays|Week 4: Dream

4 min readJan 24, 2022

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Today I want to talk about Dreams. Not the nocturnal ones. The heart ones, the depths of your soul ones, the passion and purpose ones.

Let’s start by sitting comfortably in a chair, the ground, or on a cushion. Take an extra moment today to really get comfortable. Anything that you need to make yourself 1% more comfortable in your body, while maintaining alertness with your mind. Feel your sit bones sinking into whatever you are sitting on. Feel your weight completely trust the ground beneath you. Close your eyes if that feels safe for you.

We are going to focus right into the belly today, placing our attention right in the area of the diaphragm at the top the gut. While you breath, notice the expansion and contraction of the belly. Let your tummy totally relax, totally release — even if spills over. That’s okay. If you aren’t noticing an expand/contract sensation, you are probably breathing in your chest with your lungs. I want you to shift that to breathing diaphragmatically. See if you are able still your chest and lower your shoulders. Try not to let those areas rise and fall with this breathing. Just your belly.

If you got lost in thought, that’s okay. Just gently nudge yourself back to focusing on your belly. Observe it fill up like a balloon and fall back in slowly with the exhale. Don’t force the breath; just watch it.

Today I want you to think about a dream you once had. Maybe when you were a child, or maybe more recently. Think about something that you wanted to do, what career you wanted to pursue, someplace you wanted to go see, something you wanted to create, a trade or skill you wanted to learn, a hero you desired to be like.

Try to sense the feeling this dream gives you in your belly. In the depth of your being, in your gut. Imagine yourself at the age and place and time when you began dreaming this dream. What do you feel in your body? What does the place smell like? What color does this dream have? Do you feel silly wanting this dream? Does this dream seem impossible? Did something happen after this dream that prevented you from obtaining it yet? How does this dream make you feel now, whatever age you are, thinking back on it?

Maybe you chose to focus on a dream that you haven’t thought of in a long time — like a childhood dream of wanting to be a dinosaur. Or maybe you are thinking about a dream that crops up in your mind from time to time, maybe asking you to revisit it. Either way, what happened to those dreams? Are they still somewhere in your body? Did you feel a nudge or a tingle or sensation when you began thinking about this? What is your dream trying to tell you about yourself now?

If this dream was dreamt, there was a reason for it. I wonder if there was a shifting from moving toward your dream, like focusing on your belly breaths, to focusing on real life and following societal expectations like when you got lost in thoughts in your mind. It can be hard to come back to your gut, back to the original ideas you had as a creative child or a budding invincible teenager or even as a college student with the whole world in front of you. Somewhere along the way, you may have lost not just a dream or two — but the actual desire and permission to dream. It is very common for life (the good and bad parts of life) to get in the way of dreaming at all.

I invite you to shift from your attention on your Dream back to your belly rising and falling with the rhythm of your breath. Take a few more moments to come back into your body and remember your present state of being in your diaphragm.

Coming back into the room now. Hear the sounds around you.

I invite you to take a few more moments after this meditation to sit and contemplate some dreams you maybe gave up on or haven’t considered in a while. Ask yourself some questions about your dreams and see if there is something an old dream wants to share with you. Maybe see if there is a dream that’s still within your grasp. You could start turning it into in a goal now using your current healing, resources, finances, adulthood, strength, energy, and time. Maybe you’ll be able to resurrect that old dream. If it wasn’t possible at an earlier stage of your life, it may be now in this state of your trauma healing journey.

If this has been a difficult meditation for you, I welcome you to speak with your trauma coach or therapist about what bubbled up for you today. This week we will focus on wounds of childhood and how its very normal for trauma to squelch youthful dreams and suppress juvenile creativity. If you care to share with someone what came up in your soul today, I’d love to hear from you. In the show notes, there’s a link to my website. Click on the “Connect” tab and feel free to send me a message.

Be kind to yourself as you return to your day. Let’s take on more deep breath and open our eyes slowly.




An IFS-informed advanced certified trauma recovery coach at Full Circle Wellspring LLC and an overall trauma survivor advocate.