Full Circle Fridays|Week 26: Zig Zag (Season 1 Finale)

3 min readJul 1, 2022

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We have spent so many episodes together discussing the twists and turns of the Trauma Recovery Journey — the wild, unpredictable, deep, and exhilarating road that it is! Today is the close of not just Season One of Full Circle Fridays, but of Season One altogether. Today is Episode 78!! If you are still here all these episodes later, I honor you for that. Thank you for being part of this growing family. I have received so much positive feedback from listeners and those who want to be involved as well. The podcast was supposed to be my way to give back to trauma survivors as a whole, and instead, it gave a lot back to me as well. Another moment in my life when I zigged, and the world zagged. I’ve been cherishing all those who have reached out and been touched by a particular episode, and all those who want to join as a guest. That’s all in the works for Season Two after a short break. I’m toying with a new format, or maybe the same but with some interviews sprinkled it. I have set some time aside to contemplate the route the podcast as Trauma Survivorhood continues to grow. Stay tuned for Season Two!

Trauma Recovery has personally thrown me around in its maze-style, sometimes confusing, often winding road. Now my current healing has led me to a lot of fun, wiggly, surprising, new ways to help others. Coaching is still my main focus as my business continues to grow, but the podcast has certainly been a beautiful addition, an unexpected surprise. If you are ready, schedule a 20-minute free discovery call to see if coaching is right for you. If you choose to work with me, in honor of this last episode of Season One, your Initial Appointment will be 78% off for your 90-minute intake!! Use podcast code “SEASON1” at check out for your initial appointment to start your coaching journey this month.
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**If you missed Wednesday’s final Wellspring episode called Zeal & Zest, you’ll understand why I am so excited to work with you. Whenever you’re ready, I’ll be waiting.

The best resource that I have to give to you today is to remind you that all the zigging and the zagging, all the 3 steps forward and 2 back, all the looping and twisting, all of it … alllllll of it … it’s all worth it. I’ve been thrown for a few loops myself, sat back, and wondered why I wasn’t making progress. I too have had to be reminded of how far I’ve come. I know it’s daunting; I know it seems too long of a road. I can promise that along the way there will be glimpses of healing pop out at each new bend. This isn’t just a really hard race to try get to some monumental finish line. Trauma Recovery is a ‘walking through the winding woods’ kind of journey — where each new turn brings a bit of growth, an ounce of joy, a lot of praise, and a small healing in a small way that seems to make a huge difference. All you have to do is start somewhere.

If you are listening, you are probably already working on your trauma recovery in some way, even just by listening. I’m proud of you for that. Therapy, different modalities, play, leaving bad relationships, dreaming, setting healthy boundaries, self-inquiry, coaching, goal setting, creativity, and the like — those are all huge pieces as you walk along the path. Never give up on yourself. Please never quit trying. When you need help, ask for it. When you feel stuck, do one small, teeny thing to keep a bit of momentum. When you feel like a failure, ask someone close to help remind you how far you’ve come. My friends — YOU are your own greatest resource. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

Until next season — stay strong, be bold, and place bets on your own healing. You’ll win every time. Thank you for being here. See you soon for Season Two!




An IFS-informed advanced certified trauma recovery coach at Full Circle Wellspring LLC and an overall trauma survivor advocate.